Current External Funding

NIH/NINDS: R01 NS064004 (Martin, PI); Lesion and activity dependent corticospinal tract plasticity.

NIH/NINDS: R21 NS116550 (Martin, PI); Combined Biomaterial and Neuromodulatory Approach to Promote Axonal Outgrowth and Connections After Cervical SCI

Craig H Nielsen Foundation: (Martin, PI); Leveraging activity and guidance cues to promote targeting of CST outgrowth.


NIH/NINDS: R01 NS130484 (Parra, PI; Martin, MPI); Interaction of motor learning with transcranial direct current—efficacy and Mechanisms

NYS Dept of Health (Spinal Cord Injury Research Board): DOH01-PART5-2022-00031 (Martin, PI); Leveraging LTP to Promote CST Axon Sprouting in the Spinal Cord

Recently Completed External Funding. 

NYS Dept of Health (Spinal Cord Injury Research Board): DOH01-2015-TRANS1-00013 (Martin, PI; Carmel, Burke Rehab/Cornell, co-PI; Harel, Mt Sinai School of Medicine/Bronx VA Hospital, co-PI); Combined Motor Cortex and Spinal Cord Stimulation to Promote Arm and Hand Function After Chronic Cervical Spinal Cord Injury.

Paralyzed Veterans Association: (J. Martin, PI); Manipulating Corticospinal Growth State and Axon Guidance for Motor System Repair.

NYS Dept of Health (Spinal Cord Injury Research Board): DOH01-PART2-2017-00042 (J Martin, PI; Agrawal, Columbia University; co-PI); Robotic rehabilitation to promote recovery of forelimb function after cervical SCI in rats.